Cheatsheet's elements introduction

A quick reference of styles available for your cheat sheets.

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This cheat sheet contains examples of how differents markdown tags are rendered. For instance this is a regular text, not nested inside any headers tag.

You can see the source of the markdown used to generate this page on Github.

This is how a paragraph inside an h1 section is displayed.

If you slide your mouse on the title above, you’ll see that you can copy a link to that section by clicking on it.

Some text inside h2.

Note that this h2 has the {: .-three-column} options set: if your screen is large enough, the h3 tags below should be displayed in 3 columns.

I’m a h3 tag

I’m a h3 tag

And I’m some text inside a h3. As you can see, everything inside an h3 is displayed inside a container.

Hey I’m a h3 too!

Hey I’m a h3 too!

Inside h3s, the main options are the following.

You can display lists:

  • Some …
  • … list …
  • … elements!

Or some code:

Some code

Finally, note that links are supported too.

… and me too!

… and me too!

I’m an h4

You can see that h4s are not rendered as containers, but as p tags with emphasis.

And that’s all you’ll need to create your own cheat sheets!