Compass sprites
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Compass: Sprites

Compass: Sprites

@import compass/utilities/sprites

$sprites: sprite-map('sprites/*.png')
$sprites: sprite-map('sprites/*.png', $spacing: 20px)

@mixin sprite($name)
  background-image: sprite-url($sprite)

  +sprite-dimensions($sprite, $name)
  width: image-width(sprite-file($sprite, $name)
  height: image-height(sprite-file($sprite, $name)

  +sprite-background-position($sprite, $name[, $offset-x, $offset-y])
  background-position: sprite-position($sprite, $name)
  nth(sprite-position($sprite, $name), 1)   # X position
  nth(sprite-position($sprite, $name), 2)   # Y position

Compass: Sprites (the @import way)

Compass: Sprites (the @import way)

// Sprite sets (applies to icon/*.png)
$icon-spacing: 0
$icon-dimensions: true
$icon-repeat: no-repeat
$icon-position: 0

// Individual (applies to icon/mail.png)
$icon-mail-spacing: 0

@import 'icon/*.png'
@include all-icon-sprites

// Usage
  @extend .icon-mail

  @extend .icon-refresh;

// ### Advanced control
// The sprite map is available as $icon-sprites. You can then use
// `sprite()` on it.

  background: sprite($icon-sprites, refresh)
  //background: url(...) 0 -16px;

  background: sprite($icon-sprites, refresh, -2px, -9px)
  //background: url(...) -2px -19px;